Ear Piercing

Do You Need an Appointment?

No. We do not take appointments, walk-ins only.
(As of 12-02-2021)

What Time Do You Do Ear Piercing?

11:30 - 4:30*
*see store hours

Everything Moms Need To Know...

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We use 14 karat gold earrings to pierce ears with. Gold is the most skin friendly.
The earring looks like a small diamond stud but the stone is a cubic zirconia (which makes it easy to turn.) 
At D'Errico Jewelry there are always at least two of our sales professionals ready to help. Come in and we will make it EASY for you.
There is no appointment necessary.
girl doing ear piercing


Clean and disinfect ear lobe with alcohol pads

Step 2

Make a mark on each ear lobe for YOUR approval

Step 3

Pierce BOTH ears at the SAME time


After the first day- every morning, apply a dab of the ear piecing gel on the back of the lobe until it runs out.
Turn the earrings 3 times a day for the first 6 weeks.
Leave the earrings in for at least 6 to 8 weeks before changing.


We suggest to leave the starter studs in for 6 months.
If and when you want to change the earrings, 14 karat gold or another precious metal should be worn for the first 6 months.

Please Note: Ear piecing age is from 8 weeks and up


Earrings with piercing service: $88.00 
Ear Care Gel: $5.00