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Diamond 101 Crash Course

Westchester's Diamond Store 


Cut refers to proportions of a diamond, meaning - table size, crown and pavilion angles.
If a diamond is cut to ideal proportions it will have maximum light refraction and sparkle like crazy.
We call them 10 table diamonds meaning in a dim lit restaurant, you can see it sparkle and shine from 10 tables away.
Another way of emphasizing it would be a sports car that does not go fast and does not have superior handling. You might as well buy an SUV. Poor cuts are a mistake.

We want to see Excellent Cut, Excellent Symmetry, and Excellent polish or at least very good for all 3 categories.

If this is achieved you will be happy with your purchase for generations to come. 



Color affects the entire diamond. The scale goes from D - Z.

D, E, F

Are colorless.
FREE of body color, NOT yellow, silvery or brownish, but like the color of water.

G, H, I, J

Are near colorless.
Meaning the way a diamond is realistically set in your ring, especially with an Ideal cut, you will see no obvious body color- face up. Below that is...

K, L, M, N, O,  ALL  THE  WAY  TO   Z

We recommend NOT to purchase these color grades.
These grades of color in your diamond will have obvious body color and show up as yellow, silvery or brownish to your eye in YOUR ring.



This is an interesting value factor
Diamonds are graded for clarity under a 10 x microscope
There is no other consumer product, that we buy, that is looked at this way. Not a home, car, clothing or food. Although the food we probably should- lol.

The grading scale starts at


Flawless and Internally Flawless

The inclusions do NOT exist in this grade of diamond. They are very rare and quite expensive. Next on the scale are...


Very Very Slightly Included to the first and second degree


With these grade of diamonds, it is extremely hard to see any inclusions under 10x magnification. You really have to break your eyes to find the tiniest little dot. Next on the scale...


Very Slightly Included to the first and second degree 


It is difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification, in these grades of diamonds. Next on the scale is...


Slightly Included to the first and second degree


...Which is easy to somewhat easy to see inclusions and blemishes under 10x magnification. These diamonds are referred to as EYE clean and can NOT be seen set in YOUR ring. Next on the clarity scale are...

I1I2, AND I3

Included to the first, second and third degree


These clarity grades have obvious inclusions to the unaided eye - and may affect sparkle and durability. We suggest not to purchase this grade.



Img Src: GIA.com


Carat is a measurement of WEIGHT

It is what the diamond weighs on the SCALE

The more a diamond's carat weight is - meaning the heavier the diamond is - the more difficult and RARE it is to find with an Ideal cut,  H color and above and SI1 clarity and above. This affects the COST quite a bit.


There are 4 grades for fluorescence 


which is the preferred


which is OK


which we recommend not to purchase

Medium or strong fluorescence diamonds usually fluoresce a blue hue - and can effect the diamond's refraction and overall beauty.


All of our diamonds are G.I.A. certified which is the industry standard report. 

Buying a diamond without a GIA report is like buying a car without a title.

We should never do such a thing.


Excellent cut, symmetry and polish - for SPARKLE, the single most important thing

H color and above - so there is NO body color

SI1 and above clarity - so there are no visible inclusions
Carat should be adjusted to YOUR price range


"For any questions or to set up a Diamonds 101: A 15 minute presentation -
It would be my pleasure to work with you in our Gem Labs at either of our two locations.

Buying a diamond should be an informative and fun experience. If it is not call us today we truly believe we will make it easy and fun for you. Call me, Sal D'Errico, at my cell: 914-618-0068...

Wishing you all the luck and happiness in the world!"