D'Errico Custom Jewelry Services

We custom build, design and fabricate all jewelry in our shop right here on the premises. Our store looks like a jewelry store but it's really a jewelry factory.
Here are the phases of a custom piece:

Phase 1

Your idea or ours, we make a hand drawing of the design in a 3 angle view for your approval

Phase 2

At this point we estimate the cost of the item or items

Phase 3

We build the design in the computer using C.A.D., which you can view 360 degrees on your phone or computer

Phase 4

3D printing of your design in a wax model for your approval. Because it's designed in C.A.D., you can make any adjustments you would like BEFORE it goes to the next phase (really cool option assures your happiness)

Phase 5

Casting, meaning turning the wax model into precious metal, (14k,18k, yellow white, pink, gold, sterling silver and platinum)

Phase 6

The casting is given to a skilled jeweler for filing and cleaning. They will detail the casting, adjust for size, and prepare for diamonds and gem stones, really bringing out the details of the piece

Phase 7

We then pre-polish the piece so we make sure to get the surfaces and intricate details shiny

Phase 8

Our gemologist will pick the perfect sized diamonds and gems to fit

Phase 9

Our master diamond and stone setters will set all of the diamonds and gems with the utmost of care

Phase 10

Final polishing and finishing to bring maximum shine and details to LIFE!

Phase 11

Inspected by quality control specialist

Phase 12

Your beautiful piece of jewelry is presented to you in a velvet box to ENJOY for generations to come

Please stop by anytime for a complimentary 3 angle drawing and estimate at no charge to you!