Appraisal Services

There are 3 Types of Appraisals We Provide



An insurance appraisal is a realistic REPLACEMENT value at current market prices. In the case of lost, theft or damage you will be able to replace the jewelry with your insurance company once you make a claim, we are also here to help if they should need us.

  • We clean and inspect your jewelry item or items while you are watching
  • We sit one on one and in some cases of MANY items there are 2 professionals with you
  • We take all weights and measures, identify all diamonds and gems and grade them using the GIA standard
  • We identify metal types and karat of metal we take into consideration amount of precious metal and all craftsmanship
  • We identify manufacturing techniques
  • We then take pictures of the item or items
  • Finally we print, stamp and mail it to you- Allow approximately 1 week for delivery. Some appraisals are done right while you are there so you can leave with it


The estate appraisal is different from an insurance appraisal, meaning this number is quite a bit lower, as these values determine what you would get if the items were sold on the market. Some pieces bring more money, some less, depending on the item or items.


The procedure is the same as above, just the VALUES are lower



  • We do all weights and measurements for the diamonds, gems and metal
  • We tell you what it would cost to replace meaning its an honest approach
  • Then we calculate an honest offer for you to consider