3. Golden stretch bead bracelet

If you love wearing Gold but can’t afford it, we have got something stylish and affordable for you.

This golden bead bracelet looks as original as real gold & shines like a proper gold bead bracelet.

Every single bead used in its making is of top quality and polished to make it look glossy.

All the beads are skin friendly and will not hurt your skin while wearing.

A stretchable wire has been used in its making that makes it highly flexible and everyone can wear it easily.

This bead bracelet is suitable for all occasions whether you wear it on a casual day or while partying with your friends.

It can be a perfect Mother’s Day, anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift.

The beads will never lose their shine & always glow like an original gold.  


Key features:

  • Shines like a real gold
  • Top quality beads
  • Highly flexible in nature
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Cost friendly & affordable