2. Classical sterling silver bracelet with ancient cubic zirconia stones

We bring you a minimalistic bracelet with a touch of both modernism and classism.

This classical bracelet is crafted with ancient cubic zirconia stones that are hard to find these days.

The shining silver color with a blend of these stones give this bracelet a mesmerizing look.

This is an ideal bracelet if you want to wear it on a regular basis or looking to attend any party while wearing it.

Even with all these stones, the making of this bracelet is of global level and it’s a piece of top-notch craftmanship.

If any of your family members or friends loving wearing bracelets, this beautiful piece of art would be a perfect gift for them.

Its color, shine, and shape will not fade away no matter how long you’ll use it.


Key features:

  • Artistic & unique design
  • Filled with eye-catchy stones
  • Global standard making
  • Well-polished and cleanly crafted
  • Affordable in price